Donor Procedure

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Our clinic is sensitive to the physical or psychological problems donors may experience as a result of the procedure. We want to make sure that the prospective donors are well informed of the process and the ramifications.

The following outlines the responsibilities a donor undertakes when she enters the program:

  1. Blood tests may be required such as hormone levels and infectious diseases.
  2. Ovulation induction requires the use of certain drugs all of which are in inject able format:
    • A group of drugs called gonadotrophins which are used to stimulate the ovaries production,
    • Antibiotics to prevent infections,
    • Some pain killers,
    • Drugs used for anesthesia and sedation during egg collection.
  3. During the period when ovaries are stimulated we ask that you use the drugs regularly and come to the clinic on the control dates.
  4. If you are sexually active, we ask that you use a condom or diaphragm. You can also use an IUD (Intrauterine Device) which we can insert at our clinic free of charge.
  5. Should you or your partner change sexual partners during this treatment period, we ask that you notify us.
  6. You should let us know if you are on any medication before you start the treatment and refrain from using any other drugs during this period. Please notify us if you have been prescribed any other drugs during the treatment period.
  7. When the follicles are ready, roughly after 8-12 days after treatment has begun, the eggs are collected under mild anesthesia or sedation. A needle that is guided by a vaginal ultrasound probe will aspirate the follicular fluid. This procedure will not leave any scars. The egg collection procedure lasts an average of 5-10 minutes and after resting for 30-60 the patient can go home. You can bathe and go about your daily activities with no restrictions. You may, however, feel mild pain in the groin area for an hour or so after the procedure.
  8. You should know that after your eggs are collected you may not lay claim to your eggs, embryos that result or the babies born. Your privacy will be protected and you will be expected to respect the recipients’ privacy and not try to obtain information about them. All treatments and procedures will be done under an assumed name and/or code number.
  9. Costs due to the treatment or due to complications as a result of the treatment will be covered by our clinic. We can also arrange for treatment at other hospitals and help cover the costs.
  10. At the end of the treatment period, after the eggs are collected, we will deposit the fee that was determined at the start of the treatment period.